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3 May

Hi readers,

Just a post to let you all know I recently started a new blog to keep track of my post-surgery experiences more regularly and also start to introduce videos into my posts.

I will still keep this blog open for those who wish to read posts earlier on in my recovery after surgery etc, but all new posts can be found and subscribed to at:


Many thanks for all the continued support from my followers on this blog & readers & please don’t hesitate to read/subscribe to/follow my new blog! πŸ™‚

Best wishes,

Amy & Stacey Stoma x x


Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week

30 Nov

Spread the awareness!

Here’s to everyone affected by IBD and those that have tragically lost their lives due to it or related complications. Here’s to my Uncle, my reason for my strength and courage and to not let IBD win & help others with their pain, I miss you & you will always be my inspiration.


World Ostomy Day 2013

5 Oct

With it being World Ostomy Day today, I thought I’d do a post basically just giving a big shout-out to all ostomates; past, present and future ostomates.

I still have my up and down days with mine and have had a few issues with partial blockages behind my stoma and pain recently but on the whole I am extremely thankful for having my stoma. It gave me my life and meant that I met some amazing, courageous people who have every reason in this world to smile and be proud of the struggles they have got through. When I’m having my down days, I always think of my Uncle who still continues to be such an inspiration to me. My IBD Story page is at the top right for those who want to read it and see just how far I’ve come πŸ™‚


I’m still struggling with my anaemia and my body’s dislike to iron, which is not ideal. At the doctor’s this week so hopefully some progress will be achieved there. I’m feeling really low in energy at the moment and find it difficult to concentrate so hopefully things will improve.

I hope my readers are happy and healthy and to those who are struggling or need a talk; never hesitate to drop me an e-mail, the address is in my ‘About Me’ section or just fill in the contact form below.

Best Wishes from Amy & Stacey Stoma πŸ™‚ x x

Ostomism not Pessimismβ„’

Craving salt.

26 Aug

Specifically more recently, I have found that I crave for ready salted crisps and a lot more extra salt on my food than normal. I’ve even found myself dipping my finger in salt granules left on my plate and having those!

From what I’ve been told, I know that craving salt for ostomates is something quite a few people experience because of the absence of the colon. From what I understand of this, the fact that we have no colon means that absorption of essential nutrients/salts etc and proper hydration is difficult to maintain as foods are passing through us at a faster pace than those with their large bowels intact, therefore absorption is considerably less.

Never before have I been a big fan of crisps, but recently I find myself craving a bag of ready salted every night and add salt to whatever food I can.

I also try to drink sports drinks loaded with electrolytes especially if I feel dehydrated to make up for those that my body has lost, as dehydration is easier to reach and in a faster time than normal people for ostomates.

I thought I’d do a post on this as I know I’m not alone and it’ll probably help other people having the same experience know they are not alone either πŸ™‚

Best wishes,

Amy & Stacey Stoma xx

Bag odour.

21 Aug

Hey readers, I hope you’re all doing well & I send hugs & wishes to those of you going through a tough time at the moment.

I’ve decided to do a post on bag odour as I know it is an issue which effects every ostomate at some point or another, some more than others.Β 

Personally, I find that there are certain foods in particular that give me bad odour and sometimes a lot of wind too, but with foods I haven’t tried it is always trial and error really.Β 

The main foods I can think of that give me odour are Fish, Eggs, Mince, Indian Food, foods with a lot of flavour enhancers in and I’m sure a few more will come to mind as I eat in my daily life. Fish & eggs are the worst, and I also find that green vegetables and onions tend to give me more wind than most foods. Fish literally smells like it did before I ate it, as do eggs (sorry if too much information!) so if anyone else has this, then you are not alone! I’ve gone off fish since this happened last time as it took about three days for the smell to shift fully from my bowel, not the most pleasant of smells.Β 

I have found a great product that works for getting rid of odour which you place within your bag. This is particularly handy for when I’m staying away, on nights out and going out and using public toilets if I’m paranoid about leaving a smell in the toilet. I use an ostomy deodorant called No-Roma by Salts Healthcare, which you can buy in two sizes; a big 227ml bottle which I usually leave by the toilet at home or take away if I’m going to be away for more than a few nights, and a small 28ml bottle which is perfect for carrying around with my spare stoma supplies in my handbag on a daily basis. The deodorant itself does not have a fragrance, but seems to work by acting on the odour-producing bacteria (as explained in the Salts product guide). You simply add one or two drops of the deodorant into the bag, via the outlet which you use when emptying your bag, before going out and when out and you come to empty your bag so you have odour protection until you empty your bag the next time. I find the product very effective and it has made my life so much easier and given me a lot more confidence about going out with my bag and using public toilets.


The dogs & me.

Today, I have been into town with my brother then we spent some time relaxing in the garden with our dogs; Bobby & Daisy. I wore my stoma vest with a tight fit vest top over that and some jeans. My stoma vest allows me to feel confident to wear the clothes I love to wear.

Best wishes until next time!

Amy & Stacey Stoma x x


Happy 2 years Stacey Stoma!

9 Aug

So 2 years ago today Stacey was created!

Wow what a journey it has been, it has been the hardest journey of my life but I’d do it all again to feel how I do now.

It would have also been my Uncle’s 50th today, and thanks to him, his journey with Ulcerative Colitis and his own experience of having a stoma, I was less scared and had the courage to go through with my operation. He will always be such an inspiration to me. Sleep tight Uncle Graham β™₯β™₯

I’ll do a post in a lot more detail soon about how far I’ve come, the ups and downs and other aspects of living with a stoma for 2 years and how you get used to it, but for now I thought I’d post some pictures from just after my operation and now.


My stomach when it was swollen with my abscess before my operation, my stomach a few hours after, picture from my colonoscopy before showing the extent of the disease, cannula in A & E and pics from immediately after and soon after my operation.


“Now you see me, now you don’t.” πŸ™‚
Ostomism not Pessimism πŸ™‚ Me today on my 2nd Stomaversary πŸ™‚

Hope my readers are well & I’ll post soon! Thank you for all the comments & lovely e-mails I’ve been receiving recently too!

Best Wishes from Amy & Stacey Stoma xx

First day of Summer 2013

31 May

That’s tomorrow πŸ™‚

I don’t really know where to start or what to write as it’s been a while, a long while!

Health wise, my Crohn’s is in remission and the latest blood tests show my inflammation markers are normal. My iron levels are slightly low, they are at 8 when they should be 15, but the doctor said this doesn’t quite class me as anaemic. I’ve got some Spatone sachets to try to mix with juice etc as I don’t get on overly well with iron tablets. I seem to remember having those sachets before and not being a big fan, but going to try again as I really want to have the best chance of having good health altogether and good energy levels. Haven’t seen my consultant for sometime with one thing and another and not being in one place, so I’m seeing him towards the end of June hopefully for a review. The doctor on the phone who gave me my blood results explained that because I’ve had an ileostomy formed, and therefore have a shorter bowel than a person without, this is most likely the reason why I always have trouble with my iron levels and find it hard to absorb iron and keep a constant level within my body.

Thank you for all your comments & to my readers who have supported me & always do with this blog no matter how much of a gap I go between posting. It’s been fantastic & really heart-warming to see the amount of people still visiting, reading and benefiting from this.

Best wishes.

Amy & Stacey Stoma πŸ™‚ xx