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Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week

30 Nov

Spread the awareness!

Here’s to everyone affected by IBD and those that have tragically lost their lives due to it or related complications. Here’s to my Uncle, my reason for my strength and courage and to not let IBD win & help others with their pain, I miss you & you will always be my inspiration.



Prepare for a rant.

19 Aug


SO angry right now. What actually possesses people to create or think this sort of thing?! I have a blog on Tumblr (some of you might have heard of it), just a general blog on my interests etc, and I am so fed up of seeing this come up on my dashboard. There are no words quite clear enough to describe just how plain rude and disgusting this behaviour is.

Many things are going through my mind right now after seeing this countless times, and in all honesty, I just want to explode with anger. For one, these ‘people’ obviously have no insight into what it is like to have a relative or somebody they care about suffer and not be able to help, or even suffer from anything themselves. How narrow minded can people actually be? It totally baffles me the levels some people will stoop to. Utter idiots, in fact, that term isn’t anywhere near strong enough, but I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

One person wondered why I cared about this sort of thing. Truth is, of course I care! I have a stoma and know many people with stomas, or who need stomas/have had stomas. The LAST thing people need to see before surgery or at any stage in their recovery is something like this. It is unnecessary and totally uncalled for. No, stomas aren’t the prettiest things to look at, I admit that, but I have seen worse things to look at. Who cares if they aren’t pretty or whatever word you want to use, seriously? Do you seriously expect that something that comes out your body to excrete waste is going to be covered in glitter, multicoloured and aesthetically pleasing?! Oh, come on, please! What angers me is when people totally refuse to understand the concept of stomas or that they actually save lives and help people…They are that shallow that they make a judgement on how something looks, just because it’s a bit different and something you might have not seen before? Do people wear their stomas out for everyone to see their waste coming out?! No, I think you’ll find that’s what stoma bags are for, if people actually had the decency to even try and understand and see over their own love for themselves, ignorance and overly-magnificent egos, and not magnificent in the positive sense. People act as if we ask for this sort of ignorance and cruel comments.

Not highlighting any subjects specifically, but in today’s society, if other subjects that are a bit risky or different were discriminated against, nobody would even allow for that to happen and they’d be made to never forget the fact that they said what they said, and in some cases, even imprisonment. I don’t think anybody should be discriminated against, just because they are different. We live in a society that is multi-cultural, multi-faith, has a wide range of backgrounds that people come from, different sexualities, different interests…Really, people are still going to be so rude? This is one of the reasons I do this blog, for Ostomy Awareness, because there needs to be way more awareness about stomas and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is amazing how many people I talk to who have, or know people, with stomas and/or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, yet the awareness is miniscule compared to other matters. The same goes with a lot of other illnesses that people don’t even try to understand because of the lack of support and awareness.

Even after my rant, I will say one thing, and that is that stoma or not, illness or not, with everybody’s individual differences, we should be allowed to live a life without unnecessary, cruel discrimination. The worse thing is, is that our society is like this now, and to be honest, I dread what it will turn into for generations to come if this carries on. We shouldn’t have to feel disgusted at ourselves for having a stoma, in many cases that saved our lives. We should feel proud.

Ostomism, not Pessimism™ 🙂

Oh, and Karma will probably come back round… 🙂