A rough start to the year.

21 Jan

Hey readers,

I hope you’ve all had a great start to the year and have had good health. To those of you that are having problems or who are unwell or in a dark place at the moment, I hope you get better really soon and have the courage to keep on pushing on with it.

The beginning of the year for me has been tough but I am still pushing on with it and trying to get through the tough times. We had to have one of our dogs put down recently and obviously that was really upsetting and a hard thing to have to decide, but it was for the best. I think that’s the thing with pets; as heartbreaking as it is to have to decide to let them go, you can’t keep them on the planet for your own happiness. They can’t tell us how much they’re suffering so really we just have to go on our instincts and veterinary advice because from our dog’s tests and how she was behaving she was clearly in pain and unfortunately wasn’t going to make a recovery. I guess we focus on the time we had with her and the fact that we gave her a good life, despite her passing away at the age of 7, which is quite young for a dog. If they had also found out about her health problem before she was rehomed with us, they would not have rehomed her and she would have had to stay in kennels or be put down, so I guess that’s another saving grace in the sense that we gave her a happy life and a safe home. She was so cute and had the softest ears ever. Rest in Peace Daisy ♥ ImageOn the health side of things, I was welcomed into the new year in style in the first week of January with the start of a Crohn’s flare-up. Going two years and four months without one in itself though is an amazing thing for me as it’s the longest I have ever gone since being diagnosed without having a flare-up. It started with stomach pain which was really grating and uncomfortable and really tiring then it just got worse and my appetite decreased to the point where I could not even eat a snack or half a meal before the pain kicked in and I chose not to eat to combat the pain. Even smelling food gave me stomach ache, which is what made me go to the doctors because to me that is a tell tale sign of my experience with Crohn’s. I also felt really sick and very fatigued. Stacey was very loud and unhappy and I had a lot of output which was like water and increased amounts of it. I had urgent blood tests done at the doctors and got the results back in the next 24 hours and they showed that my C-Reactive Protein (Inflammation) Markers were sufficiently raised, so my GP put me on 30mg steroids straight away for a week and luckily this seemed to get the flare-up under control before the Crohn’s really set in and needed further treatment.

At present, pain-wise I still get the odd stomach ache daily and still feel quite tired and achey some days but my appetite is back to normal, if not more; I’m always really hungry at the moment! I also feel that my iron infusion has probably started to kick in as I don’t find myself wanting to sleep now in the day or suddenly feeling the need to sleep at any point before. I don’t feel like I’m running on empties energy-wise at the moment which is good. If anything, I struggle to sleep now!

Until next time,

Best wishes from Amy & Stacey Stoma x x


4 Responses to “A rough start to the year.”

  1. Paddyspets January 22, 2014 at 12:27 am #

    Hi. My heart goes out to you. As a dog trainer and handler i totally understand your feelings about your pup. As their caregivers we sometimes have to decide whats best for them. It never gets easy…ive trained over 300 dogs in the past two years, have four of my own, and now am working on getting agility dogs ready for trials, but when one gets sick or begins to show pain, it literally pains me.



  2. David Cross January 22, 2014 at 9:54 am #

    Thinking of you as previous I’m still struggling eating. Doctors put me on complan drinks. It’s two steps forward and three back.
    Its difficult for you and i feel for you just push forward that’s what I’m doing.
    Always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Every day is a bonus.
    Regards David.

  3. Antony February 16, 2014 at 12:38 am #

    You are awesome. It was very reassuring to read this.

  4. Noora Isoranta March 18, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    I just found your blog while googleling ostomy and clothing. I have Colitis Ulcerosa myself, but it’s being treated with medicine so far. I hope I have lot of time before they remove my colon. However, your pictures of dressing with ostomy bag made me feel not-so-bad about ostomy. Until now it’s been my worst nightmare.

    I hope all the best for you and hope that you’ll feel better by now.

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