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World Ostomy Day 2013

5 Oct

With it being World Ostomy Day today, I thought I’d do a post basically just giving a big shout-out to all ostomates; past, present and future ostomates.

I still have my up and down days with mine and have had a few issues with partial blockages behind my stoma and pain recently but on the whole I am extremely thankful for having my stoma. It gave me my life and meant that I met some amazing, courageous people who have every reason in this world to smile and be proud of the struggles they have got through. When I’m having my down days, I always think of my Uncle who still continues to be such an inspiration to me. My IBD Story page is at the top right for those who want to read it and see just how far I’ve come 🙂


I’m still struggling with my anaemia and my body’s dislike to iron, which is not ideal. At the doctor’s this week so hopefully some progress will be achieved there. I’m feeling really low in energy at the moment and find it difficult to concentrate so hopefully things will improve.

I hope my readers are happy and healthy and to those who are struggling or need a talk; never hesitate to drop me an e-mail, the address is in my ‘About Me’ section or just fill in the contact form below.

Best Wishes from Amy & Stacey Stoma 🙂 x x

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