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My dogs & an update on the past few weeks.

9 Jul

Been chilling in the garden today enjoying the weather & thought I’d post some pictures of our gorgeous dogs; Bobby & Daisy. They are both greyhounds; Bobby is the fawn colour and Daisy the brindle colour 🙂 When I am ill or upset they always know something is wrong and come to see me or lay on the floor looking sad and they are so quiet and lovely natured. Mum even brought them to the hospital doors to see me when I was an inpatient.


Next Tuesday I have a barium meal x-ray to go to. I saw my surgeon and another member of the Gastroenterology team the week before last & they want to make sure I have got no active disease or narrowings above my stoma as I have been getting a lot of pain with stomach aches and off my appetite when stressed. I suffer a lot with stress & anxiety, it has always been a big factor for me throughout my life with IBD. When I say I suffer, I mean it affects my day to day life in a big way. If there’s any pressure on me to do things or I’m in new environments without a lot of support or understanding I break down. I ended up taking myself to the doctors a few weeks ago with it because my emotions have been terrible and I’ve been quite down and felt unable to cope with a lot of things going on in my life and I’ve been put back on my anti-depressants with the view to up the dose in a few weeks if I feel no better. Everything seems a mess at the moment and I’m stuck in a rut so to speak, not sure where my life is going or what to do with my career options etc and it all just seems to have spiraled.

On a more positive note, it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday to you Dad for tomorrow! 🙂 We are having a takeaway tonight with my Auntie as part of it.

My Dad & I :)

My Dad & I 🙂

I hope all my readers are well & thanks for reading.

Best wishes from Amy & Stacey Stoma 🙂 xx