Home for the weekend & World Ostomy Day!

6 Oct

HAPPY WORLD OSTOMY DAY to all my strong, inspiring, and beautiful ostomates. You make me so proud to be an ostomate and give me the reassurance that I am not alone. To every ostomate reading this: keep smiling, you are amazing, never forget that…You are strong, you are courageous, and you are incredible ♥ Thanks to my ostomy, Stacey, I have made some amazing friends and met my somebody special ♥

So I’m home from University for the weekend. It’s so nice to be back and to spend time with my family and dogs, I have missed them so much! I am going to see Nickelback tomorrow night, for the third time live, with Mum and her friend and her friend’s son, exciting!

Even though I am feeling pretty low and fed up with my stomach problems at the moment, there is something deep inside me that just keeps saying “keep going”, as much as I want to give up. I guess that thing is hope. My patience and willpower to get through this varies greatly at the moment, I try to keep a smile on my face, but in all honesty, most nights I tend to just sulk and feel like crying. I’ve already got a lot of work on at University, so being ill and having little energy is the very last thing I need. I’ve been doing 3/4 hours on top of lectures pretty much every day and the other night I had to just get into bed and sleep as I pushed myself too much to the point where I was nearly sick and was in a lot of pain. My mind is a lot stronger than my body at times..It is a big thing I guess to learn when your body is telling you to rest and accept that it needs rest and we aren’t invincible, as much as we’d like to be.

Things are pretty tough at the moment, got a few issues at University on top of my health, and to be honest, I just want things to get sorted. Having to deal with a lot of crap for getting on 14 years of my life makes me feel I should be allowed a decent sort of rest and good luck from it all soon, no? Going for my x-ray next Friday to see exactly where my partial obstruction is, then seeing my surgeon the Friday after, we will see what those results bring.

Somehow, I still manage to smile everyday. Despite the continuing pain, feeling sick, horrendous output and other things going on. I guess things can’t stay bad forever, right?

Ostomism not Pessimism™


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