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An update on the outcome of recent hospital visits…

25 Oct

Hi readers! 🙂

Sorry it’s been a while, had so much going on in the way of Uni, health and a few problems.

To update you all, I’m having a flexi-sigmoidoscopy with bowel dilation on the 6th November to widen the kink in my bowel. The surgeon said it’s now not to have thought to have been caused by adhesions, but is simply just a kink in my bowel that can hopefully be sorted with this procedure whilst I’m put to sleep. He said I could be in a bit of pain when I wake up, but hopefully this should solve the problems and obstruction. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to have my stoma redone but he said hopefully it won’t come to that and he’ll do everything he can to make me better. Top guy 🙂

Hope you are all well! I’m currently staying at my boyfriend’s in Wales for a few days as I’ve had a few stressful and upsetting issues involving people at my University accommodation which isn’t helping my current health situation and stress levels. I can’t honestly believe the extents some people will go to to harass and make other people’s lives a misery. That’s all another story I guess! At the moment taking a quick break from University work on Educational Policy! Better get back to it…Fun times!

Just thought I’d update you all and check in! 🙂

Until next time,

Amy & Stacey Stoma xxx 🙂


Contrast Enema X-Ray Appointment

12 Oct

So that’s that appointment done & dusted!

It was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be. They inserted a catheter into my stoma on the end of a fairly long tube and then I had a bag of clear fluid (the contrast) that they fed into my intestine slowly and watched it move through my intestine on the screen, which was really interesting to watch to be honest. They kept taking pictures and waiting for it to move along to the extent they needed it to go, which was quite a way through my small bowel. I didn’t even feel the catheter be inserted into my stoma to be honest, or much going on! The only little bit of pain I got was cramping near where they suspect my narrowing/partial obstruction to be, otherwise, it felt a bit cool and made my tummy rumbly like I was really hungry, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Sporting the standard hospital fashion 😉

It took about 15 minutes all in all, and I was pleased with how I managed it and how easy it was. After they had got the pictures they needed, the tube was taken out and I waited for the contrast dye to make it’s way out, which took quite a few minutes to start, but they suspect that’s because of the narrowing I have in my bowel, most possibly caused by scar tissue. My stoma was surrounded by a plastic cover and long bag for the liquid to drain into which I just emptied down the toilet then took off about ten minutes after once there was a break in the liquid draining for me to quickly get one of my own bags on! 😀

Results basically seem that apart from a few centimetres behind my stoma, my small bowel looks healthy and how it should. Got to go for my follow-up next Friday, so we will see where that leads from there!

This afternoon, I am back at my University accommodation. I am a bit sore near where they suspect my narrowing and little bits of the liquid are still coming out. On painkillers and taking things easy. I think a chill-out night is in order!

Thanks for all your well wishes and lovely messages 🙂

Monday night in A & E.

9 Oct

Just a quick update guys & girls before I settle for bed.

As some of you know, especially those on ‘My Bag & I’ on Facebook, I went to A&E tonight after bad pain related to suspected adhesions causing a partial obstruction in my bowel. I’ve had an abdo x ray, which shows that I am quite bunged up inside, hence why I am getting a lot of pain and feeling sick, especially when and after eating. Got to wait for my more specialised x-ray on Friday now then my follow up appointment to see where we go from there and in the mean time take strong painkillers and anti-acids to try combat the nausea and pain.

Absolutely shattered now, sore and feeling sick so heading to bed.

Night night, I will keep you all updated as much as I can 🙂 ♥

How long until I reach breaking point?

8 Oct

Or am I already there? I honestly don’t know, but all of this is driving me round the bend right now more than words could explain. I couldn’t go to a concert that I’d been looking forward to for ages with my Mum last night, because yesterday I was in too much pain, too weak and unable to eat much without being creased in agony 20 minutes or so later. I feel like such a let down right now, it’s unbelievable. Some days, like for instance, at the moment, I don’t want to be who I am. I want an escape from all of this…you would have thought with nearly 14 years of never ending hell things would have finally picked up for the better, but oh no, it sure seems not. I thought I was past all of this by now, I thought I was past it all over 6 months ago at least.

After my shower today, I left the bathroom and my Mum and Dad spoke to me asking me if they think it would be best if I stayed at home and didn’t go to the concert. If anybody knows when I aren’t right, it’s Mum and Dad and my brother. They know when it’s serious. They know when I’ve had enough. We decided it was for the best that I didn’t go, it’s not like I even had the choice, I’m physically unable to do that at the moment without it causing me more pain and trouble, something I thought I’d never have to experience again after I had had my operation. It crumbles me, and it kills me inside that I’m feeling this again. I broke down on the stairs in tears, the feeling all too similar to how helpless I felt over a year ago. My brother came to give me a cuddle, and as usual, told me everything will be okay and asked about how I was feeling. My Dad went down the town to get me some drinks, and my Mum got on her way to her concert to meet her friend and her friend’s son. I stayed in bed for the afternoon, after my brother kindly helped me change my bed, and I slept.

Tonight, I came back to Uni. If there was a time and a place that I didn’t need any of this crap, it is now. I want it to go. I need it to go. I am on the edge right now, it’s a slippery edge and I’m fighting with all that I am to keep smiling and not give up. Right now, all I want to do is be able to sleep in bed, rest, get better, be around those I love and not worry about meeting deadlines etc.

I’ve really had enough. It’s 03:12am and I’m in agony and feel sick. I have lectures 9am until 1pm today, and work to do and a presentation to prepare, on top of hospital appointments, tests, other meetings and other things to do! Give me a break from all this pain! 😦

Home for the weekend & World Ostomy Day!

6 Oct

HAPPY WORLD OSTOMY DAY to all my strong, inspiring, and beautiful ostomates. You make me so proud to be an ostomate and give me the reassurance that I am not alone. To every ostomate reading this: keep smiling, you are amazing, never forget that…You are strong, you are courageous, and you are incredible ♥ Thanks to my ostomy, Stacey, I have made some amazing friends and met my somebody special ♥

So I’m home from University for the weekend. It’s so nice to be back and to spend time with my family and dogs, I have missed them so much! I am going to see Nickelback tomorrow night, for the third time live, with Mum and her friend and her friend’s son, exciting!

Even though I am feeling pretty low and fed up with my stomach problems at the moment, there is something deep inside me that just keeps saying “keep going”, as much as I want to give up. I guess that thing is hope. My patience and willpower to get through this varies greatly at the moment, I try to keep a smile on my face, but in all honesty, most nights I tend to just sulk and feel like crying. I’ve already got a lot of work on at University, so being ill and having little energy is the very last thing I need. I’ve been doing 3/4 hours on top of lectures pretty much every day and the other night I had to just get into bed and sleep as I pushed myself too much to the point where I was nearly sick and was in a lot of pain. My mind is a lot stronger than my body at times..It is a big thing I guess to learn when your body is telling you to rest and accept that it needs rest and we aren’t invincible, as much as we’d like to be.

Things are pretty tough at the moment, got a few issues at University on top of my health, and to be honest, I just want things to get sorted. Having to deal with a lot of crap for getting on 14 years of my life makes me feel I should be allowed a decent sort of rest and good luck from it all soon, no? Going for my x-ray next Friday to see exactly where my partial obstruction is, then seeing my surgeon the Friday after, we will see what those results bring.

Somehow, I still manage to smile everyday. Despite the continuing pain, feeling sick, horrendous output and other things going on. I guess things can’t stay bad forever, right?

Ostomism not Pessimism™

Just a quick update.

1 Oct

Hey everyone,

So I haven’t written for a while, I apologise for that, but it has been mental settling into University and I still am settling in. Some days I really enjoy it, whereas other days I find it a bit overwhelming and hard to manage. On the stoma front, things have on the whole been really good, but I’m not even going to comment on the noise or lack of noise in lectures, because that’s just tempting fate and Stacey can be a bit of a drama queen.

I’ll write soon when I have more time to write a more detailed post.

Hope everyone is well.

Best wishes from Amy & StaceyStoma xx