Less than 5 weeks to go…

14 Aug

until University! Wahooooo! 😀

I have got so many mixed emotions about it, but I mainly have butterflies & am extremely excited for a fresh start & new beginnings!

Every new beginning will bring new experiences with Stacey, mainly good all being well! I just keep reminding myself that Stacey is the reason why I am here and that she is not a hindrance. Sure, there are times when I get annoyed and start to wish I was without her, but then I remind myself, well I wouldn’t be here without her, so I’d rather have her and not change a thing in that respect. Even if I hadn’t had my operation and by some miracle I was alive, I would be in a severely worse state that I am in now…I would have no life, whereas now I do…The sky is the limit, as they say and from one of my favourite songs “Won’t stop ’til I feel the sky at my feet, my dreams are my wings.” This time last year, I wasn’t physically able to go to University, so I’m very lucky to have been able to defer my offer for a year and start when I’m as ready as can be this September.

University has been great so far about my medical needs and my ileostomy, which makes me feel even more comfortable about going. They have been so great and literally can’t do enough for me. Sure, I am dreading the times when Stacey decides to conveniently start talking in a lecture theatre like some erupting volcano but hey, I’ve been through much worse right? There will be my moments where things like that happen and, A) I just want to cry B) I want the ground to open and swallow me up or C) Both. One thing, however, which I find keeps me sane (well, half sane) is humour. I try and see the funny side of things like that with Stacey as much as I can, as to be quite honest, if I hadn’t learnt to laugh things off like that now or other things, then life would be extremely miserable and I would have lost my character and a lot of my personality. I am entitled to have my down days as well, not going to beat myself up about it, to be honest, I have reason to have my down days, I’ve been through way more than your average 20 year old has, but you know what? I am stronger for it, despite going to hell and back.

I’ve found out who two of my flatmates are going to be, and I’ve told one of the girls all about my ileostomy, and it made me so happy and a lot more comfortable how accepting she was of it and how interested she was. She assured me that she’s going to be there to help me through the hard times especially and that if I get any stick for it then people aren’t worth my time and she will stand up for me. It is really nice and lovely to know that someone would do that for me and that people will see me for who I am, bag or not. Like she said to me, the bag is just a part of me, it doesn’t define me. She’s right.

Roll on moving day!

2 Responses to “Less than 5 weeks to go…”

  1. Louise Stevenson August 14, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    Hi, We love your blog and find it very interesting and are sure many other Ostomates will so we are regularly posting a link to your blog on our website – check it out https://www.facebook.com/FittleworthMedicalLtd#!/FittleworthMedicalLtd

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and to speak to you about how and if we can work together in the future to raise awareness to other young Ostomates!

    • staceystoma August 14, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

      Hi there Louise,
      I have liked your page on Facebook! Thank you for sharing my links, that is really great! Helps to get the word out there and more awareness!
      Sounds great & exciting! If you want to e-mail me it is: amyrobson09@googlemail.com.
      Thanks again 🙂 x

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