Pain & a visit to the hospital.

9 Jul

Today, I spent my afternoon in the hospital.

I’ve not been feeling over brilliant. Got a few things going on health-wise & today has been a day of doctors, blood tests & the hospital. My anaemia is making me feel really rubbish for one, and I’m meant to be taking iron tablets, but they make me feel even more sick than I do normally at present, so I’ve been prescribed some anti-sickness tablets which I have to pick up from the local pharmacy on Wednesday. I have a weird appetite as it is at the moment, feeling sick never helps you wanting to eat, let’s be honest! My anaemia has been making me feel dizzy and faint, as well as absolutely shattered, but sometimes unable to sleep on a night. I’ve also found it hard keeping warm, then been completely over hot the next minute. Oh, how complex my body is! My throat has been really sore for a good few weeks now so they are testing for Glandular Fever, they’ve ruled out a bacterial infection.

So why did I go to the hospital? Well I’ve had bad pain in my stoma on and off and more constant today since Thursday, and I don’t have a blockage. The only way I can describe it is it feels like it is trying to pass shards of glass, it makes me cringe in pain and is so uncomfortable. I haven’t been eating anything that is hard to digest, and have been having a lot of liquids. It has also been feeling very hard and really scrunching and pinching when it has contracted with Peristalsis. Me being me, I always try to soldier on and keep going, but this morning I’d just had enough. So, one of the stoma nurses rang me this afternoon after I left a message this morning, & up to the hospital I drove to get it checked out, Stacey making me never forget she was there all the way, as she does! 😀 When I got there, I headed to the ward where she told me to meet her and waited in the waiting room. Then, into the treatment room we went.

She put her little finger down my stoma quite a few times…IT HURT! It wasn’t meant to apparently, but she checked it for me and she has said where the stoma comes out of the skin at skin level it is very tight, hence why I have been having pains etc. I have always known my stoma is tiny as it is at 23mm, but I have lost quite a bit of weight recently so she said this will have had an impact and made it tinier, especially where it comes out of the skin. She said to take codeine for my pain and then she has booked me in to see one of the surgeons who did my op on Wednesday morning to see what they think and what can be done about it and/or they will tell be the best things to eat with it being how it is.

I am home now, in pain but okay. Got to stay on a low residue, mainly liquid diet for the time being. Got to make it as easy for Stacey as possible.

I’m alive and kicking and just keep telling myself that this is just an obstacle I will overcome. I’ve had a few tears today, but other than that, holding it together. We’ll see what Wednesday brings!

2 Responses to “Pain & a visit to the hospital.”

  1. Michael Wood July 10, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Hi, Hope it’s better today – you are really going through the mill and I admire your bravery. Have a look at

    Which seems fairly sensible and balanced. There are alternatives to Iron pills which can be really rough on the stomach. Also maybe ask the Doctor if you could powder the pill and add a bit to your food – might be a kinder way to get it down – also don’t forget B12.

    Good luck,

    • staceystoma July 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

      Michael, thank you so much, your comment means a lot!

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