Lessons learnt.

30 Jun

So I’ve learnt a very big lesson these past few days…Just because you feel miserable/depressed/upset/whatever you want to call it, and feel like wallowing in your own misery, this does not mean that you should not eat, and even more so, should not drink anything whatsoever in about a day and a half other than a cup of tea. Probably due to the fact that more alcohol than I usually drink was to do with it didn’t help either, let’s just say, last night I wasn’t in a very good place whatsoever.

I honestly felt like I had taken Tramadol but not quite that bad. Those of you who know me well enough will have heard of my Tramadol horror story back in the days before StaceyStoma was created, a good 2 years or so ago this was. Well, I got taken into A & E in absolute agony, paracetamol wouldn’t shift the pain, neither would much else, so the next step was Tramadol…Boy oh boy did I feel so horribly surreal like I couldn’t control my body, in fact, like I wasn’t even in my own body. Tramadol made me go onto a completely different planet, you might be thinking “what’s so bad about that?”, well, after the brief 30 seconds at most that I felt incredibly relaxed and spaced out, my body started to work against me, nice. I rapidly felt extremely close to passing out and felt like my head weighed a ton, felt like I was going to be sick or have the runs, I couldn’t decide which, it was like it couldn’t decide, then when I got up to go to the toilet to be a mess in some kind of dignity, my legs went underneath me and the nurse had to rush and get a wheelchair and take me to the toilet. By this time I was incredibly helpless and besides myself, then when she got me into the toilet, I couldn’t even step from the wheelchair to the toilet, so she had to lift me. At this point, I decided I didn’t want the toilet anymore, that urge went and instead I tried to get back into the wheelchair, collapsed into the wheelchair. Next thing I know, I’m on my hospital bed throwing my insides up and desperately hoping to feel on planet Earth incredibly soon. Then, after the ‘joys’ of feeling so horrible, I got taken down to Ultrasound to have my stomach prodded around at for a good while, convenient. TRAMADOL? NEVER AGAIN. Same with anti-sickness, that are supposedly to stop you from being sick, they just make me sick. Oh how I love how my body is awkwardly different, not.

How I did not throw my guts up (what’s left of them) last night, I have no idea. I was so close and Stacey was surely hating me for having nothing to drink or eat in forever, how incredibly stupid of me. I forced water down my throat, much against my stomach’s will, and still didn’t feel any better. Instead, my lips felt incredibly dry, my leg muscles killed and I could not lift myself up off the toilet floor because I was so dizzy and weak. One minute I was frozen cold, next minute I was sweating. This must have carried on for a good hour, until somehow, my body started to work with me a little as I sipped more water and as I laid there helplessly. Every time I tried to stand up I felt incredibly sick and weird, then finally, after managing to slowly consume 4 cups of water, I felt a tiny bit better. I still don’t feel 100%. Probably the fact that I’m anaemic as well will have a lot to do with it, didn’t even think of that!

Lessons learnt;

  1. Do not drink more alcohol than you are used to with no food in your stomach or other non-alcoholic fluids. It will end bad, no matter how hard you pray it won’t.
  2. Never ever go a day without having a good amount of water or food, especially if you have an ileostomy.

Dehydration is much more common for ileostomates, therefore it is a lot harder to keep on top of your hydration. This is because of the lack of colon to absorb water and nutrients back into the body and use them for what your body needs, and because of the watery output of the ileostomy because of the absence of the colon to remove water from your waste.

2 Responses to “Lessons learnt.”

  1. JOAN ROEBUCK July 1, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    HI Amy i drink 10 to 12 dioralyte sachets a day as Grace is very high watery out put ,my Consultant as told me not to drink water with out Dioralyte he as told me i need another op that will be number 8 ,I have got a narrowing in my bowel he says it will be a hard work on him as i have not got alot left ,he sayes if i am sick to go to AE and he as wrote in my notes to take me to the ward ,Ihope it doe’s not happen for a long time we hope to go to the Algarve in Aug Malc as booked us in thomson gold in a SUITE FOR 2 WEEKS it is our golden wedding Aug 11th and our son Ian angela and Bradley are coming Aug 9th as it is there silver wedding so you can see why i hope nothing goes wrong take care AMY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY XXXX

  2. Michael Wood July 2, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    Miserable experience but I guess we all need to learn and sometimes it’s the hard way. If I’m getting dehydrated my lips start tingling and if I ignore that I get dizzy. Usually drinking a sport drink fixes the problem. Major issue is that we (Ileostomates especially) need extra salt and I’ve had quite a few “Debates” with members of the salt police on that subject.

    Last week I had to go for my six month cancer screening which means no food before but one can drink. The procedures started at 8 am and must say I was pretty dizzy leaving home at 6:45 to get to the clinic – felt that way until after lunch. Next time I’m taking a taxi!

    Alcohol is a problem because it dehydrates (which is what gives people the hangover head ache) I have a small drink every day because I like it – more than one only with food or if I’ve eaten really well and then I add a bag of crisps (potato chips) during the drink time to balance it out.

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