Iron-deficiency Anaemia.

14 Jun

So I’ve been feeling overtired recently, and it’s been getting worse. I have also been having palpitations, feeling dizzy and have not been able to even push myself slightly or manage jogging without being so close to blacking out. So I immediately thought it was Anaemia, as I have had it on several occasions before.

I had blood tests done on Monday, & had a phone call from the doctor late Tuesday afternoon, saying he had my blood test results back. I rang back on Wednesday morning, as he left me a voicemail, and I was right in my suspicions; I have Iron-deficiency Anaemia.

Iron-deficiency Anaemia is to do with a protein in our blood, Haemoglobin, that carries oxygen around our bodies. Iron can be provided for our bodies through the main ways of food and drink, by our bowel, into our bone marrow. This is where our blood is produced and here, iron teams up with proteins to make up Haemoglobin. When our bodies don’t have enough iron, then the sufficient amount of Haemoglobin to meet our bodies’ needs cannot be produced, leading to our red blood cells shrinking very small, which in turn means that sufficient oxygen cannot be transported throughout our bodies, for example, to different organs.

Symptoms of Iron-Deficiency Anaemia include things such as:

  • Appearing pale
  • Experiencing Breathlessness
  • Feeling very tired
  • Palpitations
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Swallowing Difficulties
  • Weak and Brittle Nails

I also seem to be experiencing a lot of headaches and heartburn, probably connected to Anaemia or probably not, I am unsure. My GP seems to think my Anaemia has developed slowly since my surgery to have my colon removed, as because I no longer have a colon, my absorption of different nutrients out of the food and drink I consume is different to that of a person with all their Digestive System intact.

I have been prescribed Ferrous Sulphate tablets, starting at one daily to start with, moving up to two if I can tolerate them. I have never got on with them before, so I am hoping now I have had my surgery things might be different. Before my surgery, they would make me severely constipated and make me feel very nauseous, so I never took them and instead had to have blood transfusions.

Let’s hope my body accepts them this time and I start to feel a lot more energised in a few weeks! I want to get back into jogging again properly, especially as the Race For Life is coming up!

I hope you are all well!

Best Wishes from,

Amy and StaceyStoma 🙂 xx


2 Responses to “Iron-deficiency Anaemia.”

  1. JOAN ROEBUCK June 14, 2012 at 10:55 pm #


    • staceystoma June 14, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

      No Joan I don’t, I shall ask about them! Thanks! 🙂 xxx

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