Empathy differs from sympathy.

13 Jun

This is such a great thing to read, of the definition ‘Empathy’. This relates to my last post and feel it should have a post of it’s own. Thank you to Larry Pilarski for this, check out his facebook page at the bottom of the post! 🙂

E M P A T H Y (relating to those who have ostomies)

Empathy differs from sympathy. People in the medical, nursing and healing professions can offer sympathy for a patient’s disease or defect and the need for an ostomy.

The offering of empathy, though, can be done only by ostomates; only they have the unique understanding derived from experiencing a similar situation.

Without even a word, the sight of a vigorous individual with an inconspicuous ostomy is testimony to the acceptability of a stoma.

Beyond the reassuring appearance comes the shared concerns and triumphs, solutions to problems, answers to questions.

This exchange makes easy the rehabilitation of new ostomates and is a source of enormous pleasure to those who are reaching out to a fellow human being.

“To Know The Road Ahead . . Ask Those Coming Back!”

The Ostomy Alliance



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