Fingers crossed for a healthy & happy future for Meg ♥

8 Jun

Hello guys, girls & fellow ostomates!

I hope you are all well.

I have been thinking a lot about a close friend today; Meg, who writes She has had Stage 1 of her J-Pouch Surgery done. It must have been, and still be, an incredibly terrifying thought for her about adjusting to life with the J-Pouch and worrying whether it will work for her or not. It is truly inspirational the way she has always fought IBD and never let it win, she is a truly amazing person and I am so privileged to know her. Meg wasn’t planning to have her surgery this early, but due to her continuous, rectal flares she had to make the brave decision to have her surgery brought forward early. The news I have heard so far (about 2 hours ago) is that she was in recovery, and her boyfriend was waiting for her to be taken into the High Dependency Unit. As far as we know so far, there were no complications. I have my fingers and toes all crossed for her. She deserves a life of happiness and health now more than anything, she has never given up & deserves to enjoy life. Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers!

Sending Meg lots of love ♥

Amy & StaceyStoma xx

P.S. If you want to find out more information on the J-Pouch, read this article: 🙂

Or, indeed, visit Meg’s very own blog: 🙂

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