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Pizza & a strange experience…

20 May

Yum yum yum, just had some lovely pizza for my lunch 😀

I hope you are all well on this fine Sunday 😀 I am just having a lazy day, and going to go for a nice long soak in the bath soon and get all relaxed 🙂

I had a bit of a weird experience yesterday with Stacey Stoma, well, I say weird, I had been on my laptop for a few hours last night & went upstairs to go to bed. I sat down on the bottom of the bed and smelt odour, which I immediately thought was coming from my bag! I carefully lifted my tracksuit bottoms away from my skin to check if I had had a leak, but there was nothing, still, it STANK of odour, and it was definitely coming from Stacey. I got a new bag and wipes and headed to the shower room to change my bag. So, I emptied my bag as it was half full, and it was all relatively runny and really smelly. Strangely enough, there was not one sign of leakage, the ring around my stoma was fine, no output had started to leak onto there or anything, and nothing had started to leak out the bag anywhere else (I checked thoroughly after I put my new bag on). I made sure I checked the filters, as I have had some output come out from there before on one occasions. Strange. The only conclusion I can come to is that the filters were faulty or that there was a crease somewhere in the adhesive that was allowing air to escape, but luckily no output. I woke up at 5am this morning to change my bag, and felt sick. Stacey was very active and runny, so I got back into bed after I had been to the toilet, had a drink and took some Immodium then woke up this morning feeling a lot better. I had had Sweet and Sour Chicken for my tea, and the sauce was very rich, so I am wondering if that had something to do with the odour and output.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday guys & girls & fellow ostomates.

I am going for my bath 🙂

Best Wishes & Love From Amy & StaceyStoma 🙂 xx


Over 9 Months Now.

18 May

Hello again guys & girls,

Just doing another update as it’s been a while.

I have been quite busy, working, starting to get things sorted for University in September and starting running for the Race For Life I am doing at the end of July. Things have been really great with Stacey, and of course, it is still taking some adjusting to. I am so proud with how far I have come and what I have achieved already.

I currently work with 3-5 year old children, on a cover basis and some lunchtimes. I adore it. Without Stacey I wouldn’t be here, let alone have the energy to do it. It can be very challenging at times and I have been taking on more responsibility in my job, it has been worth it. I really enjoy it when I work even though it tires me out.

I have been having a few more nights out, which have really tired me out too but its great to be able to go out and socialise. I have had a few problems with acid when I have been drinking, only a little bit, or when I’m nervous. I need to start taking my anti-acid tablets again so I don’t feel as sick. I’ve noticed the problem isn’t as bad if I have eaten a fair bit before I go out.

I’m not sure if I might be anaemic at the moment, I am very tired and keep feeling dizzy and faint and I will be sure to go to the Doctors. I have also been experiencing a bit of pain in the very low abdominal area, which would be adhesions I have been told. If it carries on I will seek more advice but fingers crossed at the moment it isn’t that regular.

I still have my down days, where having a stoma affects my self confidence big style, but I have always felt a shy person in myself, although I come across as very confident in a lot of situations. Then I just remind myself of what I am now and what I can do thanks to Stacey Stoma. I keep reminding myself that she saved my life and to look at it on the positive side and not look at it in too much of a negative light, because it isn’t negative. I don’t think I should beat myself up over having my down days, it is perfectly natural for me to and I just try and take the rough with the smooth.

I have been to a lot of gigs with my Mum recently, one of the plus sides of having Stacey! I adore my Mum to bits, she is my rock and I love her millions. We have such a laugh together. This past week we went to see Pigeon Detectives and Lawson. Lawson are amazing, and I met them another two times! 🙂 They are such lovely lads and are bringing out their first single soon, I cannot wait! 🙂

Ryan Fletcher (From Lawson), the croissant & Me 😀

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed reading this post 🙂

Lots of love & best wishes from Amy & Stacey Stoma.

Remember: OSTOMISM not pessimism (my new motto I made up :p)