Over 5 months on :)

18 Jan

Hello everyone,

Thought it is long overdue that I did a blog post on here so here I am! 🙂

I am doing quite well at the moment, so that’s good. I have a few minor issues but those are getting sorted; am having to have supplement drinks to help me put weight on as my body isn’t absorbing nutrients properly quite understandably without my colon & I am also having to have anti-acid tablets to get rid of an acid & bile build up behind my abdominal scar as I have been getting stomach pains behind it which have felt swollen and hard to the touch. My abdominal scar is still quite keloid (basically quite thick) so I have also got some special scar cream on prescription to help break it down. I’d still quite love a life without any medication, but the way I see it is that I am a million miles better now than I was before my surgery and I am alive, so a few tablets and supplement drinks isn’t really much to complain about, it could be worse!

I have been keeping myself busy & achieving more month by month. Today I have volunteered at pre-school again this morning, then went out for lunch with my boyfriend and my best friend and her boyfriend then we all went bowling which was fun, even though I have no strength what so ever in my wrists and ended up bowling with a 6 or 8 Bowling ball with an aching wrist haha 😀 My best friend & I also had a go on the Dancing Stage machine which was quite hilarious and certainly made me get a sweat on 😀 I even managed to pull a muscle near my stoma along the way too, so am taking it steady tonight! 😀 My boyfriend & I have bought some sweet treats in for tonight and so far we are enjoying a nice relaxing night looking at places to book to go on holidays abroad in a few months – exciting stuff! Thanks to Stacey I can do all these things such as enjoy meals out, go bowling, go on Dancing Stage without having to rush to the toilet in agony and discomfort with the urgency to have diarrhoea and even book a holiday abroad. 5 months ago I never thought that I would be contemplating going on any holiday, let alone a holiday abroad.

I have got some other exciting things coming up in the next few months, such as modelling for ostomy wear, Stomawise events, and days out with friends.


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