Stoma Support Group

13 Nov

Hi again everyone,

It’s been a few days since I last wrote so I thought I would do another post!

I went to a Stoma Support Group yesterday and found it really informative, was a good afternoon. A lady from SALTS ostomy supplies was there and she talked about their products and accessories, found it really interesting and ordered some samples myself! I got some Freshaire Ostomy Spray, No-Roma Ostomy Deodrant (also helps lubricate the bag to help avoid pancaking) & also ordered some of the Ileostomy One-Piece Drainable Confidence Natural Bags that have Aloe Vera extracts on the flange and adhesive to help skin.

If you want to order any of the products or have a look at the SALTS website, go to:

And here’s the order codes (‘cos I’m nice like that :p) if you can’t find them on the website for any reason but want them on prescription to try. You can also order samples off the site.

FreshAire Odour Eliminating Spray (Quantity: 50ml) (Order Code: FA1)

No-Roma Ostomy Appliance Deodrant (Quantity: 28ml or 227ml) (Order Code: 833021/833056)

Confidence Natural 1 Piece Drainable Standard Pouch (Quantity: However many you require/usually 28 days worth on prescription = pack size 30 to order) (Order Code: ND25 as my stoma changes between 24/25mm in size) but they are available to order in other sizes (starter hole to cut up to 70mm wide and 55mm deep) precut: 13mm/25mm/28mm/32mm/35mm).

I had a great afternoon at the support meet; saw both the stoma nurses who look after me who are amazing ladies and so helpful, saw one of my good friends who has an ileostomy too and works as a cadet nurse & met some lovely new people! It is always great to meet others, especially those that can empathise, it really helps to open your eyes to how different having a stoma can be for different people! 🙂

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  1. British Products online November 29, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    I always was interested in this subject and stock still am, thanks for putting up.

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