25 Oct

Hello again everybody!

Been having a few tingling and pulling pains on my internal stitches as I’ve been putting on weight and the scar on my tummy has been stretching a bit, so just trying not to do too much stretching or over exert myself. Last time I weighed myself I’d put on 2 and a half stone 2 and a half months after my operation, so about 3 pounds a week, really pleased!!! 🙂

Thought I’d do a post today on bathing and showering with my Ileostomy.

After my surgery, I mainly showered with my bag on for the first 5/6 weeks, then changed it after I’d had a shower as the bags I had did not really stick well after a shower and I change my bag once a day as this makes me feel a lot cleaner and more hygenic and works the best for me. So I figured that it would make sense to change the bag after I’d got out the shower, dried myself and towel dried the bag so it wasn’t wet through and dripping everywhere before I took it off.

The thought of having a shower with my ileostomy bag on took a lot of getting my head around, it was the unknown really that made me quite reluctant to give it a go, as I was not sure how it would feel and figured it would feel a bit weird somehow. Also, I’d just had major surgery which had been very touch and go, the rest of it was way more than enough to get my head around such as learning how to change the bag etc let alone considering how I was going to shower! I also was worried about water going in my stoma, & it being active in the shower and waste coming out. However, when I saw my stoma nurse I was soon reminded that water will NOT enter my body via my stoma and I could submerge it in a bath and it still would not get water into it into my body. She also helped me to realise – what was the point in worrying about waste coming out? I could simply wash it down the plug hole, it goes down the same pipes out the house into the drains anyway!

To start with, around 7/8 weeks after my surgery, I showered two or three times a week without my bag to get myself used to the feeling and when my stoma is most likely to be active etc. Also, my stoma nurse suggested using an empty yoghurt pot for when I am out of the shower between bag changes to catch any waste my stoma decides to put out. My nurse is fantastic, she really is. So I always have an empty yoghurt pot in the bathroom now which has saved me getting a mess everywhere on quite a few occasions now, it saves me a lot of worry and panic 😀 Now, I am 11 weeks after my operation and I have showered for the last 3 weeks without my bag on, it feels a lot better and I wouldn’t go back to showering with my bag. Showering without my bag gives me time for my skin which is usually under my bag to breathe and I get to give my stoma and the skin a proper clean. Also I find I don’t go through my supplies as much (dry wipes) so they last a lot longer as I only use one afterwards to dry my stoma and the skin when I have first towel dried it by patting the stoma and skin gently. Then I put a new bag on! 🙂

I had my first proper bath after I came out of hospital with my bag on. I’m not keen on baths when it’s warmer weather but I will be trying a bath without a bag in Winter when it’s colder as I love baths in Winter, they make you feel so much warmer and better in an instant! 😀 Taking a bath with my bag off may be different, as the water isn’t constantly washing things down the plug hole, so I will see about that one, may have to time it to a more suitable time when my output is less!

Going to see my stoma nurse again tomorrow morning.

Take care everyone 🙂 x

2 Responses to “Bathing/Showering”

  1. Charis October 28, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Hey girl – I agree, showering without the bag is great! It gives your skin a chance to breathe! My stoma has only a few accidents in the shower, but it all washes down the drain quickly, so no worries. It was interesting to see a post about this!

    • staceystoma October 29, 2011 at 12:04 am #

      It does feel really nice! Your Ostomy must behave :p I just experienced the projectile stoma for the first time since my surgery! Haha!

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