Hydroframe Flange Extenders

20 Oct

Well the dentists was fine, thankfully! Not a big fan of the Dentists, but then again, I don’t think many people are. Just got to go back for a scale and polish.

Having to wear my Dansac bags until my Coloplast prescription gets delivered, needless to say the bag came loose yet again last night, despite using some HydroMini Flange Extenders to give some extra adhesive to some of the bag. One of the areas that didn’t have one on had nearly peeled all the way off when I woke up this morning, but luckily no mess was made! Surprised myself at how quick I changed my bag, pleasantly surprised ūüôā The standard¬†size extenders seem to be a¬†lot better for on a night.¬†I would really recommend the Hydroframe flange extenders from CliniMed, they are really good to help bags stick if you have sticking issues or even if you just want to feel a bit more secure that the bag will stick when you’re out, and also to increase wear time such as if you’re active/doing sports¬†or throughout the night. You can get them in the standard size or in a handy little mini size that is easy to carry around. This is the standard size below:

And here are the Hydroframe Mini Flange Extenders:

I always find that I have to cut down the standard size as if I put them on they always sit over my belly button and start to peel off as they can’t stick down securely. Both products are very easy to apply, you literally peel the middle backing piece away and position it where you want it either before you put a bag on or after, it doesn’t really matter. I always do mine when the bag is already on as this is the way I’ve always done it and it’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of fiddling! Then when you’ve got it where you want on your bag, you peel both of the end bits of backing off and press those down securely onto the skin smoothly. I also keep my hand pressed over the extender for half a minute or so to ensure the adhesive warms to my skin securely. I tend to use the mini ones more than the standard size.

The Standard Hydroframe Flange Extenders are good for:

  • Additional adhesion
  • Increased wear time of the bag
  • The application of them – they are very easy to apply
  • Reduced peristomal skin irritation

The Mini HydroFrame Flange Extenders are good for:

  • Use on smaller areas where the extra adhesive is needed
  • Paediatric applications
  • Extra¬†protection behind stoma belt lugs
  • An¬†alternative to more¬†harsh medical tape
  • Fixation¬†in small areas such as fistulas or drain sites

Really good products, I definitely recommend ūüôā And both are available on prescription.

They are available to order at:


I also wear a really comfy shallow waistband during the daytime most days from Comfizz.

This is the one I wear, I like it because it is very comfortable, provides extra support/security and is a skin colour so isn’t obvious under white tops etc. It is ¬£9.00 if you do not get it on prescription, but I think in the UK you can order up to 6 Stoma Support Wear products a year on prescription and this is available on prescription as far as I’m aware. I paid for mine but ¬£9.00 really is not bad for a great product ūüôā

You can have a look at the product and others on the site at:


Ta ta for now! ūüėÄ


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