Tried a 2-piece ileostomy bag…

17 Oct

Volunteered at pre-school again this morning, was great! 🙂 Went into town this afternoon with Mum, had a drink and afternoon snack out in a cafe, had a yummy tea cooked by my Dad, went slightly hyper in the kitchen with Mum dancing away to some music then just chilled out upstairs here in my bedroom…& yes, I am shattered haha!

Doing so much better fingers crossed using the Coloplast Sensura One-Piece Drainable bags, they’re pretty much the same as the Assura ones I tried the other week before these new samples arrived. No sticking issues so far & they take more adhesive remover to get off my skin, so they are a LOT better at sticking compared to the Dansac ones I tried, they were easier to pull off my skin and would peel away by themselves! Especially if I had wind. A lot happier now I’ve found this product, on my repeat prescription it goes! 🙂

Tried some 2-piece systems over the weekend from Oakmed and Coloplast…But had leaks from both, so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Rang my Stoma Nurse and she’s going to give me another lesson so we can see where I’m going wrong in a few months, but for a while it’s sticking with the 1-piece Coloplast I hope, hoping it works as well as this for a longggg time!

Also, check out 🙂 GREAT site for Ostomates!

Dentists tomorrow, oh yay…

Hope everyone is well!

Will post again soon 🙂 x

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