Trio Diamonds…

29 Sep

Hello everyone.

Got some more samples through the post today, this time I got some products from Trio Healthcare – Adhesive Remover Spray & Wipes, Skin Barrier Spray & ‘Diamonds’.

I’m having problems with “ballooning” at the moment, on a night really and fingers crossed no problems with it in the day. I get up at least once in the night to empty the contents of my bag (wind as well – lovely!) and don’t usually manage to sleep until around 2am since my sleeping pattern got out of routine in hospital etc. Even then with emptying it before I go to sleep I still find that every morning the bag is full to the brim of excess wind and it’s becoming a more common occurence that I wake up with the bag partly off on a morning and a lovely ‘fragrant’ smell in the room, which immediately makes me think “ah, I sure know what that means!” *sigh* and gets me fully awake as quick as a flash in fear that the bag contents are all over the bed. Luckily, the past few times it has happened my body has woke me up before a mess has been made and I’ve managed to shower and put on a new bag…I guess there’s one advantage – I aren’t lazing around having a mega lie-in! Haha, but sometimes I could really do with a lie-in seeing as I get about 6/7 hours sleep a night if I am lucky. I’ve tried keeping a food diary to see what foods could be contributing to my wind problems, but the past few times I’ve even tried not eating before bed it has not made much difference. I’m getting a little fed up with it to be honest, it is almost at the point where I’m scared of getting a long sleep in fear of the bag coming off. Luckily, I sent my prescription off today for my supplies with more things on it this time. I have some security frames/flange extenders coming for my bag which does help with the sticking thankfully, so will use these on a night as I only have 1/2 left from my free sample collection! 😀

Besides the security frames for extra confidence in my bag’s stickiness, I got some ‘Trio Diamonds’ free samples delivered:

They are little sachets that you put into your bag after you’ve drained it which are meant to help:

a) control odour

b) gel the consistency of the waste so it is more manageable to empty and doesn’t stick the bag together

c) to reduce a lot of or prevent ballooning.

I put one in my bag after draining it a few hours ago & it sure has changed the waste consistency into gel, I can feel it through the bag lol! 😛 I have got a bit of wind in my bag, but hopefully it won’t be too bad in the night, will have to empty this lot soon then put another one in just before I go to sleep and see what happens! Hopefully my bag will still be intact with the help of a security frame too…Fingers crossed!


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