Update on my appointment…

28 Sep

My appointment with the Prof went absolutely fantastic! He was really pleased with me & said I don’t need to go back to see him for 6 months all being well & that he really thinks I will continue to come on in leaps & bounds fingers crossed. I also knew after my operation that he had saved my life literally but he did say to me that I really made him sweat in theatre 😀 So I still am forever grateful to him & the surgeons & I couldn’t stop saying thank you.

Stacey is doing well, she has shrunk to about 23mm now, however she is being more windy at the moment and I’m sure this is down to my diet as I’m trying more new things these days that I haven’t had in years or since before my operation.

Hope everyone is well, got a jam-packed few weeks coming up!

Night x

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