First trip into town with Stacey

23 Aug

So my first trip into town wasn’t too much of a success, but considering it was less than 2 weeks after my surgery i think it was pretty brave of me!

By the time Mum and I had walked from the car and half way around the first shop out of three we went in my stomach wound was pulling and hurting and all my bruised hips and abdominal area were really feeling the strain. I battled on, hobbling along, then in the third shop I had a panic attack and started to cry! 😦 my Mum took me to the cafe next door and bought me a nice cool glass of milk and some biscuits and sat and calmed me down before taking me home in the car. I couldn’t have done it without her. I’ve spent all my time in bed since I got back resting up as it really took it out of me but I’m not letting the negative experience set me back, I’m proud of my efforts πŸ™‚ I just have learnt that it really needs to be one small step at a time! I’m just so eager to do so many things now I’m getting my life back that I didn’t have for 13 years, but I’d give everyone recovering from any sort of surgery this tip:
Listen to your body.


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