X Factor

20 Aug

So the new X Factor has just been aired! Hmmm….don’t know about it really, could take it or leave it! There seemed to be little auditions compared to advert breaks and the program didn’t actually seem to fit all that much into it for an hour and a half’s worth slot on TV. As for the judges, I quite like the line-up, Gary Barlow seems to have his head screwed on properly and seems to make the right decisions, don’t know if I’d prefer Simon in his place though!

Had a lovely night though! Enjoyed a Chinese takeaway for the first time in 13 years without pain and with lots of appetite; chicken satay sticks, sweet and sour chicken, rice and prawn crackers, yum! The chicken satay was HOT! Yowch! Lol! And Ribena and then Cola to drink 🙂
Stacey kept talking and keeps reminding me she’s here now hehe, rumbly!

Happy with how my belly scar is healing! This is it today, nearly 2 weeks post-op:


Time for bed now, I’m so tired!
Hope today has been good for everyone 🙂

2 Responses to “X Factor”

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